5 Confirmed Google’s Ranking Factors in 2023

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5 Confirmed Google’s Ranking Factors in 2023


In the era of digitisation, it is demanding for every business to show their presence on the internet. As people like to search and explore more about the certain product or service before making any choice.

To serve that purpose, Google algorithms are very advanced in determining that how well your web content matches with the search queries and how useful it is for the audience. Your website can appear on top that can improve your SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, if people like to explore and engage with your web content.

Also, Google is the leading search engine used by the users as compared to other search engines e.g. Bing and Yahoo. According to the research More than 8.5 billion of the online searches are conducted through Google per day. Therefore, your brand needs to stand out in the Google’s SERPs.

In this blog we will discuss 5 of the confirmed factors that Google considers for ranking purpose that are going to work in 2023. These factors cannot be ignored in anyway and will definitely give a boost to organic results.

So, let’s dive right into it! 

Create People-first content covering E.E.A.T

Might be you are familiar with the famous quote;

''Content is King, Engagement is Queen ''

The Google algorithm ranking factors has recently been changed regarding the content creation. Google discovered and released an update about helpful, reliable and people-first content, that is a new ranking signal. Before moving on we need to understand what is people-first content?

''People-first content refers to the creation of content for people, in other words the content that is human-centred and not created to gain search engine rankings.''

Google looks and ranks the genuine piece of webpage content that is reliable and provide the satisfactory information to readers. The content must satisfy the needs and queries of the targeted audience. Ensuring that the readers have learned something that can help in accomplishing their goals and objectives.

The Google bot crawls and indexes the relevant content that best matches with the searchers’ intent and shows up in the search results. Therefore, the primary focus must be on generating the user-friendly content; avoid creating the search engine-first content. In addition, the content displayed on your website must reflects the quality, freshness and relevancy. Otherwise, users would not find your content useful for their requirements, would not read any further and will never come back.

Self-access your content today and analyse that is it really up-to-the-mark? Are you providing an enough information to the searchers what they are searching for? Do they like to read your content to the end? If don’t than revamp your website with the real content to avail the opportunity of ranking well in SERPs.

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Tip: Write content in chunks as nobody wants to read the fully stuffed long paragraphs all at once. So, break the information down in small sections to make audience read more. 

Combination of E.E.A.T

The topic of content on the website must demonstrates the mixture of E.E.A.T that represents;

Experience; first-hand or practical experience in the topic.

Expertise; skills, understandings and competencies of related industry.

Authoritativeness; backlinks/inbound/incoming links from the high domain referring sites.

Trustworthiness; the genuine and reliable information on the webpage.

The Google algorithms are designed to identify and rank the content on search engine that reflects the blend of the term E.E.A.T. The mix of factors in the content is the ranking signal to Google that gives more weight and shows your webpage in top organic results. 

google  e.e.a.t.

After quality content, the next crucial element for Google ranking are the quality backlinks. The inbound links that come to your own website from other high rated sites have a huge impact on the Google’s algorithms.

Generally speaking, the strong backlinks that your website gain from high authority sites will surely give a rise to DA and PA of your website. This is the ranking signal to Google that your content is useful for the users, this is why other high-quality sites are building the backlinks for your website.

The incoming links are also important in improving SEO of your website. Infact, the backlinks act as a “vote of confidence” for your website. Passing the domain authority from one site to another is termed as “link juice”.

The automated system of search engine looks and analyses the quality of backlinks. Google considers and values the links that come from the high domain sites and rank them on top as compared to the links that are originated from low rated sites.

Have you ever come across of dofollow and nofollow backlinks?

Dofollow backlinks; the link that is crawled and followed by the search engine is dofollow.

Nofollow backlinks; the link that is not followed by the search engine, in return this type of backlink on the site does not contribute in improving the domain authority and SEO rankings.

Tip: Note down one thing, it is best to use the combination of both types to retain the balance and prevent over-optimisation. 

Optimised Keyword-rich content

What keywords are?

''Keywords are the words/phrases that define what your webpage content is about.''

And in terms of SEO; keywords are referred to as “those words for which your webpage is ranked on Google search results”. In other words, keywords are the search terms/phrases or words, entered by the searchers in the search engine.

The highly ranked keywords are used by the marketers in the content with the intent to show their website on top when someone searches for something. The Google search engine shows up the related webpage or information consisting the rich keywords that best matches with the search queries of viewers.

What are Highly optimised keywords?

“Keyword research is also known as optimisation of keywords where you identify, analyse and select the rich keywords for adjusting them on your webpage to target and drive organic traffic to the website”.

This is the reason why “keyword research” plays a crucial role in identifying which keywords to use in your content that your website can rank on search engine. You can eventually use the Google Search Console tool for extracting the competitive keywords.

For instance, when any user writes any word or phrase the search engine shows the related searches; sharing the screenshot for better understanding;


The right chosen keywords are not just effective for the search engine rankings but also helpful for meeting the users’ requirements for what they are looking for.

Tip: Avoid “keyword stuffing” in the content. This terminology refers to the practice of putting up a large number of keywords in the content just to manipulate the search engine rankings and to drive more traffic. Instead, it can lower your rank and is a confirmed negative ranking factor for Google. Insert a limited number of keywords to keep up the balance. For moderation 1-2 right keywords are sufficient for every 100 words.

According to an old quote

“Too much of anything isn't good for anyone.”_ Ray Bradbury

For better optimisation run an “audit of your website”. Audit is the thorough evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of your website from both perspectives; technical and marketing. The SEO audit is an insightful and deep analysis of your website that how well it is performing. With the deep analysis you can look into and analyse the meta title tags, header tags, images, content, URL structure and internal/external links.

Are keyword-rich metadata for webpages also important for Google rankings?

The short answer is “Yes”. The meta title and meta description must include the keywords to explain the search engine that what the page is about. It will help in crawling, indexing and ranking in SERPs

digital marketing team head working on keyword rich content


“The preview of the webpage content that appears on the Google search results”.

The featured snippets are the short descriptions that are displayed on top or first position of the Google search results for the quick answers to search queries.

Have you heard about the term “position zero or P0”? The featured snippet is also known as P0, referring to the first result on Google search. Position 0 directly answers the questions of searchers with the brief information without clicking on the link.

The catchy and useful briefing compels the users to read and explore more information about the certain webpage upon clicking on the search result link.More satisfied the users are with your high-quality descriptions means more chances to get a hike in organic traffic and Google rankings.

Sharing the screenshots for the example

what are featured snippets


Are featured snippets paid? The short answer is “NO”.You do not need to pay for the featured snippets because they are not the ads.

The next question arises that how are snippets created than?The simple answer is; Google does it.

The Google automated system creates the rich snippets from the content of webpage. Different snippets are designed by Google for different searches and shown in the search results. Sometimes Google also takes information from the meta description if it finds helpful and related to the users' queries. 

Build user-friendly website

The usability of the website is another critical top priority in Google’s rankings that must not be overlooked. The smooth experience with the usage of simply created website is a pathway towards the effective performance of SEO.

It is the fact that people like to stay on the website that loads within 1-2 seconds.Next, they look and explore the different webpages and spend more time on your website that increases the chances of conversions and sales, which is perhaps a ranking signal for Google.

The smooth UI/UX of the website really matters for providing a hassle-free experience for the users that lead you to gain a competitive edge.

There are numerous tactics that must be followed to optimise your website and stay ahead of your competitors.To create the website more accessible, it is necessary to ensure that the site must demonstrates;

  • Easy navigation
  • Compatibility with electronic devices
  • Designed with informational flow
  • Compelling landing page
  • Effective structure and appealing layout
  • Fast loading speed of webpages
  • Multilingual and readable
  • Reliable and well-formatted content
  • Newsletter signups CTA
  • Call-to-action button
  • Maintained security and privacy
  • Troubleshooting and error handling

Ignoring the above-mentioned elements can result in the increased bounce rates.To stand out in the competitors, your website must not only provide the seamless navigation experience but the authentic information to address the queries of readers.

To succeed online, websites serve as the point of contact and the main source of information for the viewers.The high-quality and user-centred websites are most likely crawled, indexed and ranked in top SERPs by Google.The user-friendly site leads to the increased chances of visitor’s engagement and signups.

Tip: Remember to optimise the UX, images and make sure headlines of the content are catchy. Ignoring these elements can kill your SEO strategies and downgrade your site.

building a user friendly website


Wrapping up!

We have unpacked the most effective and rankable factors that can make an ease in identifying and understanding the areas that you have been missing till now and get the work done on while keeping in mind that the process is time-taking and requires a lot of efforts, so be humble.

It is also important to take into account that the Google trends algorithms change and keep on updating with time to time, so it is essential for you to stay up-to-date to always keep your business name in top rankings.

But if you don’t you can lose.

Still confused? If you want our team to perform marketing on your behalf to get you on the top results of Google, schedule an appointment with us today!

Originally Published January 17, 2023 10:17 AM, Updated January 19, 2023.

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