Transforming businesses into adaptable digital solutions by designing and developing software applications with significant components that gratify the desires and necessities of business entities.

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Leverage your organization with a substantial customized software foundation that provides considerable methods to complex issues in emerging your firm in this fast evolving digital world. Our intellectual team of developers adapts the crucial methodologies in the process of conceiving, stipulating, formulating, programming, reporting, testing and fixing bugs for the maintenance of software applications and their frameworks. Tailor-made software design solutions upgrade your career accomplishments, no matter where you are in your business venture.

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We have integrated into an international market with an ample variety of expertise in corporate software development. With advanced Information technology solutions, we deliver customized products and services that stand out in the marketplace, that perfectly meet the expectations of our users. We assemble adaptable software that automates business systems and strategies, catering on informational flows and transactional procedures with encryption. Providing durable, scalable and flexible softwares for your Operating Systems, devices and browsers with deep down analysis to serve our trusted clients up to the mark.

  • Software Integration
  • Enterprise Software Consultancy
  • Legacy Application Modernization
  • Tailor-Made Software Development
  • Software Development Outsourcing
  • Information Technology Augmentation

Mobile Application Development

From IOS to Android operating systems, our In-house specialized team can generate numerous customized applications with integrated functionalities according to your own requirements and specifications. We have published a wide range of Apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, providing digital assistance for your enterprise and personal use. Our Application designing team develops each app with different and multiple methodologies that are compatible for your mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Maintain evolving standards and step-by-step process In developing software applications that includes:

  • Ideas Generation
  • Strategy Plans
  • Design & Development
  • Resources Deployment
  • Post-launch phase
Mobile Application Development


Cynosure Designs empowers universal networking and develops the everlasting customer relationships through a medium of flexible software CRM. We build versatile software applications that offer an exotic and flawless experience to your customers as well as building trust and relationships, converting more leads, organizing and tracking sales and above all grow your revenue generation. Providing a complete picture of all customers' insights, their interactions and retention rate in business journeys.



Now target the right people at the right time with automated messages that you command. Chat with your customers and answer their queries with key points related to your brand and products. Our qualified developers build Messenger Chatbots for applications that allow a computerized program to interact with the customers via online conversations in text or text-to-speech. Everyone wins the conversational method by engaging customers and automatically resolve their questions through a familiar medium of messaging at the most ease level. Application Chatbot development is itself a complex process and our technical team is specialized in breaking down the technical procedure into various phases strategic plan that encompases:

  • Understanding Chatbot Goals
  • Choose Channels and Languages
  • List down the integrations
  • Identify the right platform
  • Design Chatbot roadmap
  • Ensure high-end security
  • Build POC or MVP
  • Measure scalability

Our Product Range Includes

Recruitment Solution

Recruitment Solution

Attendance Management system

Attendance Management System

CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Customized Software Solutions

Customized Software Solutions

Application Support

Application Support

Software Maintianece

Software Maintianece

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Software Development is the process of developing computer programs, applications, and systems. Software is created using a programming language where software developers write code that instructs computers what to do. There are various types of software development; some of them are:

  1. Web application development
  2. Mobile app development
  3. Database management system development
  4. Artificial intelligence
  5. Cloud computing

The software development life cycle, also referred to as SDLC, is a systematic approach to developing software products. SDLC consists of six distinct phases:

  1. Requirements Analysis
  2. Design
  3. Coding
  4. Testing
  5. Deployment
  6. Maintenance

These phases are repeated until the product is completed, and different tasks are performed in each stage.

A CMS is a content management system that helps to create, modify and manage the content of a website in a system. It forms the backbone of the website infrastructure and helps manage little things with little or no coding skills. Content Management System software functions efficiently and effectively in publishing, reporting, access control, revision control, format management, storing, and indexing with a core set of features and functions.

A chatbot is software used to communicate or respond to the audience via text or audio. Its a flexibility for your customer response team.

Following are some of the main features of a Chatbot:

  1. The first line of customer services.
  2. It gives one-click integration with messaging applications and live chat solutions.
  3. Enhance consumer satisfaction with instant response.
  4. It helps to reduce operational costs.

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