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With the help of the best marketing strategy, Cynosure Designs, the top advertising agency in the UK & UAE, assists businesses in establishing an enduring Brand Image in the thoughts of their target consumers.

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Why is the development of your organisation's long-term marketing strategy crucial?

An organisation's basis is its marketing strategies. A brand may quickly advance from the emerging stage to the mature stage with the help of a long-term and successful marketing strategy. Using a road map crafted by our knowledgeable Strategists, develop a strong Brand Equity and Business Identity. The full value of smart marketing initiatives is still unknown to many business owners.

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Why do small enterprises typically fail?
Why do 50% of businesses fail during the first five years?

No Plans No Growth

If you fail to realise the necessity of a digital marketing strategy and do not completely incorporate it into your marketing plan, the following problems will occur:

  • being outperformed by competitors
  • losing market share to new and existing rivals
  • losing clients and keeping them less.
  • missing chances for improved targeting and optimization.
  • Poor planning frequently results in less than ideal execution. As a result, threats from rivals will increase as they fill in the holes left by the subpar service you provide.
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Marketing Strategy

Strategy for
Product Development

We give full business strategy services to companies centred on generating new goods or adapting old products to seem fresh, catering to current or new consumers, using our unrivalled grasp of diverse target markets and rigorous competition research. These methods are usually implemented when there is little to no room for fresh development in a company's present market. We design plans based on three options based on Marketing Audit, Consumer Insights, and Gap Analysis: produce an updated item for a current product in a current market, upgrade an existing product for a new market, or simply move away from the product entirely and discontinue growing.

Strategy of the
Red Ocean

Whether you are a startup wanting to gain a foothold in a competitive sector or an established firm looking to develop and surpass its competition, Cynosure Designs is one location where you will not settle for anything less than the finest. As an industry leader, we provide comprehensive marketing plan formulation services in Dubai and guarantee that our performance is reflected in your growth charts. We create a strategy based on how to compete in current market space, how to defeat the competition, whether to select distinctiveness or low cost, generating competitive advantage, segmenting existing clients, and methods to capitalise on existing demand.

Strategy for
Brand Positioning

Creating the company's service and image to stand out in the minds of the target market. Consumer loyalty, consumer-based brand equity, and readiness to purchase the brand are all intimately related to brand positioning techniques. The amount to which a brand is viewed as favourable, distinctive, and believable in the eyes of customers is referred to as effective brand positioning.

Strategy of the
Blue Ocean

As a firm aiming to capitalise on untapped commercial fields with their unique product or ideas, you need someone who not only markets your innovation but also believes in it and creates demand for it while rendering the competitors obsolete. That is exactly what we do at Cynosure Designs. We are willing to take on any task, from developing new regulations to pushing limits.

Strategies for

Brand Architecture, Brand Awareness, Brand Experience, Brand Extension, Brand Identity, Brand Image, Brand Positioning, Branding Concepts, Co-Branding, Logo Design, Naming Strategy, and Re-Branding are all included.

Brand Health

There are several approaches for assessing the health of a brand. Each comprises a review of actions and tactics to establish how effective your brand has been in the past and how it is now functioning. It allows you to plan your progress and how you will reach your goals.

Advantages of Implementing
Marketing Strategies with Cynosure Designs


When materials are generated piecemeal, it's easy to lose consistency in your brand, content, and design—especially if the materials are supplied by various suppliers. The end result? A mishmash of marketing elements that don't work well together. Each component of an integrated marketing strategy is aligned with your business goals. Even if your budget only permits you to make a few components at a time, you'll gradually accumulate a collection of tools that reinforce a consistent brand message.


Information is essential for effective marketing. You won't know what to do the following time—or the next—unless you identify the goals for a marketing outreach, measure the reaction to a specific message, and analyse what is and isn't working for you. Only an expert marketing strategy firm can assist you in directing your important resources toward your growth objectives. By devoting time to developing a marketing strategy, you'll have a road map for your actions that will assist keep your brand intact, your messaging on point, and your goals within reach.


Visibility is the foundation of successful marketing initiatives. If you spend all of your marketing resources on cultivating just one component, you will most certainly miss out on potential clients. Your brochure may be excellent, but if half of your target audience is entirely digital, you've passed up an opportunity to interact with them. We are proud to be one of the leading brand strategy companies in Dubai, and we have a reputation for looking out for our clients' best interests.

Marketing Audit in Depth


Primary research using questionnaires, focus groups, and interviews with the target audience, followed by statistical conclusions based on the data acquired.


Primary research methods include questionnaires, focus groups, interviews with shop managers and sales representatives, and the conversion of acquired data into statistical judgments.

Analysis of

Secondary research on direct and indirect competitors' marketing activity. Advertising, Communication Tools, Media Buying, Seasonality, and so on are all part of the investigation.

Internal & External

Brand Pyramid & Map, Key Messages, SWOT Analysis, Product Life Cycle, PESTEL Analysis, Porter's Five Forces Model, and Industry Analysis

Marketing Mix

Product, Pricing Strategy, Placement Strategy, Promotional Strategy, Process, Physical Evidence, People, and Probe In-Depth Audit


Identifying market gaps based on the target audience's current or new requirements, preferences, and desires.


Examination of the product category, USP, packaging, labelling, SKUs, transformations, and so on.

Statistics on the Global
Industry and Market Share

Evaluating worldwide market share, industry growth, and a global overview of industry leaders.


Entrepreneurs and

With marketing and technological solutions, we assist forward-thinking medium-sized enterprises in optimising their infrastructure for development.

Small and Medium-Sized

We provide technical setups, low-cost digital marketing, and content development to assist startups and small enterprises in growing.

Large Enterprises &

We assist huge businesses in accelerating their growth by revamping their approach for customer acquisition and retention.


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