6 best Digital Marketing Tools Every Small Business Owner Needs

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6 best Digital Marketing Tools Every Small Business Owner Needs

Well, there are many different tools available for digital marketing and there are few that are essential for every digital marketer. These tools help you create and test campaigns quickly and easily. They also allow you to measure the success of your campaigns. In order to run your campaigns successfully you must need to learn how to use the tools properly to gain the desired results.

What are Digital Marketing tools used for?

If you're looking to increase your conversion rate, or want to reach a more targeted audience, you can make use of digital marketing tools. These tools provide an array of features that can help you get more leads and save money. You can use ad tools to customize and track your marketing campaigns. They can also help you create buyer personas and reach the right people by growing your business in a sustainable way.

To gain the expected results you can hire the digital marketing agency that can help you in increasing traffic to your website. The creative agency has the capabilities to promote your posts on social media channels to boost your business in a limited time. There are many digital marketing tools out there, but we've narrowed down 6 of the best tools for small businesses in this blog post.   

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One of digital marketing tools that you can use is Ahrefs. This tool offers keyword research, competition analysis, backlink analysis, and website monitoring. You can even avail a 7-day free trial of this software. Due to advanced features, this tool cannot be used by beginners as it takes a lot of time and effort to understand and learn about its usage.

Ahrefs offers more advanced options than some of its competitors, so it might not be suitable for all users. However, it is useful if you're looking for a comprehensive view of your site's traffic and competitors. Its powerful search engine optimization features let you track your competitors' backlinks and keywords. It can also be used in finding out the relevant and trending content for your niche.

Google Ads.

Another popular tool in digital marketing is Google Ads. If you're new to PPC advertising, this tool can help you set up and manage PPC campaigns. It also has free tools and learning resources to assist you. The keyword planner in Google Ads can help you determine which keywords can generate the most traffic to your website. It is the most powerful lead generation tool that's perfect for small businesses.  

Google ads displays your ad on top of the search engine results when someone types the related words in the search engine bar while searching for any product/service. Its interface is simple to use, and hassle-free with a wide array of integrations. It also provides real-time conversion data so you can track either your campaigns are performing best or not. 

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HubSpot is a software program for businesses that help manage marketing efforts. It includes marketing automation, email marketing, and CRM tools. You can also streamline the marketing process by adding sales and service hubs with this tool. It has a simple, user-friendly and intuitive interface. The HubSpot website includes an extensive knowledge base and marketing training videos to help you understand with the basics of this software.  

You can also customize ads for Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and all leads are synced seamlessly to HubSpot. Additionally, HubSpot offers conversion tools, like pop-ups and forms that don't require any coding. Another great feature is Conversations, which combines live chat on your site into one inbox. It also has helpful bots that can provide assistance to your customers and engage them. 


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Whether you're working on a large project or working on a small one, you can use Slack to stay on top of everything. For instance, you can use the chat program to discuss client work or schedule a video conference. Or you can connect your workspace with a CRM app like Salesforce so that your data is automatically pulled into Slack. 

Slack is also very effective tool for collaboration of team. It lets you send long-form instant messages to your team, which is faster than email threads. This free communication platform also allows you to create channels and send messages to specific individuals. The software makes it easy for the team to schedule meetings and manage projects. It is also great for social media marketing because it lets you see comments and respond to potential clients. In order to gain more success for generating leads, social media marketing companies tend to use the marketing tools to achieve the targets.   

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Mailchimp is a widely-used email marketing platform that makes it easy to design and send beautiful newsletters and emails. The analytics of this tool allows you to check and measure the performance of the campaign to help analyse its effectiveness. It has the capacity to send over billion of emails every day. 

Mailchimp is a comprehensive marketing platform that is ideal for small businesses. It's simple and easy to use interface, make this software ideal for a variety of business sizes. Integrated CRM features simplify the process of keeping track of audience data and customer profiles.


Moosend is a full-featured email marketing automation tool that can help you set up a successful digital marketing strategy. Its drag-and-drop email builder allows you to create custom campaigns with advanced features like segmentation and personalization. It also includes real-time reporting to help you tweak your strategy. 

Moosend has a wide variety of features for managing subscriber lists. It lets you manage as many lists as you want and provides plenty of privacy options. It even sends a confirmation email to those who signs up.  

moosend email builder

Wrapping Up! 

All these digital marketing tools will help you promote your brand. With them, you can easily automate and streamline your marketing efforts. In fact, today 83% of the shoppers search online before visiting any physical outlet. Now you do not need to spend hours of hours in running marketing campaigns and tracking them as the digital marketers of Cynosure Designs are here to help. They have better understanding and knowledge of how to use the best tools of digital marketing to boost your business, get more leads and make your business grow faster. 


Consult our professionals, get a free quote and try our best digital marketing services in London today! 


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