Must follow SEO techniques for the holiday season

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Must follow SEO techniques for the holiday season

The time of holidays is the most awaited and pleasurable part of the year for the people. The holiday season is also meant to be the shopping season especially for the Christmas, New Year and Easter eve.

The retailers used to offer the amazing deals on their physical and online stores. Whereby, consumers rush towards the stores and multiple websites to avail the discounts and offers for themselves and for their relatives. During the holiday season, it's important to stay on top of the SEO techniques you've been using throughout the year to get more traffic to your website.

To attain the desired results, targeted revenue and high rankings in the SERPs, your business needs to execute the winning Search Engine Optimisation strategies before the start of the shopping season.

seo techniques in holiday season

Finding and using the most searched keywords by the shoppers is an efficient way to make your website more discoverable on Google results. The identification of the last year search trends in the holiday season is also one of the best ways in the identification of opportunities.

Using the relevant keywords in the search engine will lead to the related suggestions, e.g., gifts for Christmas, Father's Day, Mother’s Day

The SEO team can generate the list of trending keywords and the keywords that are being used by your competitors to up rank their website. Choosing the useful keywords can help you connect with your target customers and increase revenue.

Optimise the brand’s GMB profile

GMB - Google My Business enables you to enlist your business profile in Google. The primary purpose of GMB is to assist people in finding and seeking the certain information they are looking for. GMB allows you to add your business information including;  

  • Company's description
  • Website link
  • Working hours
  • News and updates
  • Reviews (comments and ratings)
  • Contact details (Address, phone & email)
  • Pin location on Google Maps
  • Images & videos
  • Offers and deals
  • Question & answers
  • Social media network links

The GMB profiles help businesses get more clicks and visitors without waiting to be ranked in top search results. With SEO elements optimisation it can direct the traffic to deal pages, where viewers can get to know about the specials.

Always remember to update the GMB profile information for holiday season, i.e. change in working hours, special offers. The application of the seasonal tactics can bring a substantial boost in SEO practices and efforts to an optimum level.

The timely updates will increase the chances of visibility and credibility of your website in front of the searchers who are looking for the seasonal shopping in holidays.

optimizing the brand google my business for profile

Holiday Landing Page optimisation

Creating and designing an attractive landing page that offers the best deals in town can get more clicks and leads. But it is not limited to just deploying the landing page but it is crucial to optimise with best SEO efforts for better conversions.

Often brands do not have time to create and optimise the holiday landing page and therefore hire the SEO services to gain the better rankings. The holiday landing page displaying the special deals with highly optimised researched keywords that can bring a tremendous success to your brand ultimately e.g. developing pages for Valentine's Day and Black Friday with promotional messages.

Optimising the meta title and description of the landing pages with trending keywords can bring an improvement in rankings.

Google takes time in crawling and indexing of the landing page, that is why the team of SEO experts implement the best SEO techniques, the sufficient time before the season starts. Because there is lot more work to do in the preparation for running a successful campaign.

Update the content for better optimisation

During the holiday season, consumers take a different approach to buying gifts. They search for the deals, special discounts and promotions during the shopping season and likely purchase from the website that best matches with their interest.

The updated content with the latest trends and useful keywords is mandatory to stay in the market. The website’s visibility, performance and SEO rankings increase if your content matches with the audience’s search intent.

The most used and researched keywords in the deal page will lead to more clicks and more clicks mean more visitors, that increase the chances of more conversions for your business at the end.

digital marketing agency doing discussion on latest trends

Internal linking to the Holiday Landing Pages

The link that directs the user form one page to another within the same website is termed as internal link. Adding the internal links on the holiday landing page increases the authoritativeness of the PageRank and boost the rankings on Google.

The internal links matter for the page rank of your website and it is an important factor for the Google Rankings. It means that you can add links for your holiday pages that are directed from the relevant pages on your website, that can actually boost the rankings and made your website visible to the audience against the search queries.

To improve the user experience, the web developer must make sure that the site loads quickly and are optimised for mobile devices. As majority of shoppers like to purchase from their mobile devices instead of desktop computer.

Long-tail keywords for top rankings

Using long-tail keywords can be a great way to attract high-quality traffic during the holiday season. These keyword phrases are often used by people who have a specific search in mind, and can help you convert prospects into customers.

The long-tail keywords gain the rankings easily as compared to the commonly used short-tail keywords. It is hard to rank for the common keywords due to the high competition and many large companies have already been ranked against them.

The use of Long-tail keywords is also one of the effective SEO techniques to gain the organic search results, as they narrow down the search volume and target specific segments of searchers. They're also helpful for voice-activated searches. Usually the length of the long-tail keyword is about 3 to 5 words e.g. the benefits of daily exercise.

Getting a better understanding of what your target audience is looking for can help you decide what keywords to use. This includes regionally-specific keywords that can help your small business win in large markets.

long-tail keywords

Social media platforms boost SEO efforts

Having the profiles of your brand on social media platforms can proved to be the best assets for the SEO efforts in the shopping season. You will be able to reach more people, get more traffic to your website and improve your SEO rankings with Social Media Management.

You can improve your SEO by creating unique and engaging content on multiple social media channels e.g. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. The best way to do this is by adding videos into your marketing plan. Because video content has become increasingly popular among audiences and will help you get more organic traffic.

Creating and sharing the new content regarding the seasonal shopping, deals, promotions and discounts, can attract and engage the potential buyers. Social media channels also allow you to share website links, images, videos and infographics.

You can use hashtags to find more relevant posts as these hashtags are like keywords for social media, and they can help you drive interested leads to your page.

There are several factors that determine how search engines view your site. One of the most important factors is the number of backlinks to your website from the authentic sites. If your site has a high number of quality links, it will be considered more authoritative by the search engines.

Another factor is the number of positive reviews and ratings by the clients that your website has received. Positive reviews can help increase your conversions and credibility. This is because it is believed that customers’ opinions and buying decisions can be influenced by the reviews.

 digital marketing agency building permanent backlinks

Execute the SEO techniques for an upcoming Holiday Season!

Simply speak to the SEO professional of Cynosure Designs to implement all necessary Search Engine Optimisation methodologies to make this season highly profitable for your business. If you are running an online/ecommerce store or have a brick-and-mortar outlet, get in touch with us today as the SEO strategies implementation is a time-taking process, it is not something that can be executed overnight.  

So, hurry up! Don’t miss out the opportunity.

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