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Scholars School System Summary

Scholars School System was founded in 2006 and is located in England, United Kingdom. The vision and mission of this school is to entitle potential children towards the greatest achievements and successes in the world communities. They dedicatedly struggle in nurturing social, physical, personal and cognitive abilities development of students with up to the mark international standards. Coordinating with qualified teachers and collaborating with bright students are the key success factors that maintain and uphold their dominant standard academically.

To attract the more intellectual novelty and focus on the more creative problem solving programs for the challenges, Cynosure Designs meanwhile integrated to develop phenomenal digital results for Scholars School System. Within a limited time period we provided this established business with numerous cutting-edge services that encompass Web Design & Development, Vacancies portal, Moodle add-on, Branding & marketing and much more. With intellectual abilities and consistent communication our team fostered their best-in-class services and built outstanding experiences all over the world.

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Careers Portal


In the evolving world of digitalization and tough competition, our client was very much concerned about the creation of Scholars awareness and digital mechanisms to streamline their fundamental concerns. While ensuring the continuation of operations and procedures, business needed to buck up tremendous challenges without compromising on the quality and standard of the education system.

  • Website presence
  • Branding and Marketing strategy
  • Automated Software for Students
  • Social Media awareness
  • platform for Career Opportunities
  • CRM integration

Upholding these various obstacles, Scholars mission was to take the institute towards the improvement and in the right direction by covering inefficient business processes, lack of change management and defined strategies within the set timeframe. The values and norms of Scholars was to smoothen the operational management systems and prepare their students to become ethical, responsible, spiritual, productive, efficient and compassionate in the society.

Course of Action

Cynosure Designs identified the main ground of all dilemmas and overcame the complex challenges with thoughtful and competent digital methodologies. With a realistic and modest approach we met the client's requirements to excel in their business operations within the limited timespan.

Website Development

Designed and Developed creative Website for Scholars School System, displaying number of academic programs, admission requirements and related information of campus. Beautifully designed website with visual content improved user engagement, reached out more people, built up credibility and became very resourceful in marketing strategy.

Moodle Integration

Built an automated Moodle for students and teachers that provided a customized interactive interface. This Learning Management System (LMS) software facilitated the users by giving them the learning platform, projects assignment and submission and perspective course notes. This E-learning interface augmented and moved the existing learning environment along with the course management system.

Vacancies Portal

Created a Vacancies portal on the Website for offering career opportunities to applicants. This platform was designed to immensely build and plan according to recruitment challenges. The Web Application specifically deals in managing, screening, scheduling, interviewing and selection of prospective candidates that fit in the job description.

Branding and Printing

Brought up the Social Media Marketing awareness and targeted the anticipated audience with the catchy logo and tagline on multiple platforms. Through Branding and Digital marketing, we shaped the Scholars name, practices, identification and status worldwide. Simultaneously we came up with the next level printing solutions including standees, flyers, posters and brochures to attract talented students and gain a competitive edge in the market for Scholars School System.

CRM integration

Introduced CRM software, providing valuable insights about their students and fostering stronger relationships with current students and also with alumni. The portal was designed for simplifying workflows, providing courseoutline, registering students in courses, assessment scores & grades management, transcripts of academic achievements, scheduling student's timetable, tracking attendance and managing other student-related activities in perspective profiles.

Brighter the student in education, striker in the society.

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