Stubbee by Cynosure Designs

Website Design & Development

Cynosure re-designed a responsive website of Stubbee. The objective was to create a modern outlook of the website with animations, strong visuals, cinemagraphs and new content. Moreover, the website’s layout was designed for a user-friendly experience, keeping in mind the global brand guidelines & consumer journey of the target audience.

Our digital media agency also devised & implemented a viable SEO strategy for Stubbee considering the multiregional nature of the website. Paying keen attention to technical SEO, Cynosure enhanced their brand visibility, monthly traffic sessions & keyword rankings.

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Marketing & Advertising

As London's premier digital marketing business, we are committed to what we do and cover all aspects needed to show your internet presence.

We reinforce your brand's identity via the use of digital technology, effective marketing, communication, and design strategies implemented on the appropriate platforms. Our substantial teams' deep awareness of industry dynamics, research capabilities, broad business shrewdness, and digital intelligence set us apart from other digital marketing businesses in London.


Entrepreneurs and Startups

With marketing and technological solutions, we assist forward-thinking medium-sized enterprises in optimising their infrastructure for development.

Small and Medium-sized Companies

We provide technical setups, low-cost digital marketing, and content development to assist startups and small enterprises in growing.

Large Enterprises & MNCs

We assist huge businesses in accelerating their growth by revamping their approach for customer acquisition and retention.

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