2023 New Rise of AI-Powered ChatGPT in Spotlight

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2023 New Rise of AI-Powered ChatGPT in Spotlight


OpenAI ChatGPT is buzzing around and is the most trending topic on the internet now-a-days. Within one week of its release, people’s minds were being blown by what it can do for them. ChatGPT is becoming a game-changer technology that is going to take over the world in 2023. Since launching in November 2022, it has gathered everyone’s attention and been integrated especially with digital marketing agencies to alleviate workflows. It has crossed over 1 million users within 5 days and became a dominating AI tool over the internet today.

Let’s take a look at the advanced trending technology in detail that you have missed about ChatGPT.

What is OpenAI ChatGPT?

In simple words ChatGPT is an AI-Powered chatbot that generates human-like answers.

What does GPT stand for in ChatGPT? GPT stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer

ChatGPT was launched by Sam Altman, owner of OpenAI company, based in San-Francisco, California

OpenAI was founded by Sam Altman and Elon Musk in 2015 with a goal to advance digital artificial intelligence in an effective way to benefit human activities.

Later in 2018 Elon resigned from the board but remained a donor and advisor.

The CEO of Open AI, Sam Altman said that in an interview with Forbes that;

I think that if AGI really truly fully happens, I can imagine all these ways that it breaks capitalism,

And that software is ChatGPT which is trained over the latest model of GPT 3.5 - third update.

You can seemingly communicate with robots in natural dialogues in a way like you are talking to a human.

ChatGPT moderation system assists in creating and generating text at incredible speed.

The machine-learning system chatbot is trained with a massive amount of data from various authentic sources. The training is composed of RLHF that represents;

R: Reinforcement

L: Learning


H: Human

F: Feedback

The AI chatbot is capable to answer in an organised, readable, and structured format that humans can understand easily.

In addition, it can answer questions related to any domains including science, religion, politics, sports, marketing, medicine, information technology so on and so forth.

ChatGPT breakdowns the information into fine relevant detail that is useful and helpful to satisfy queries.


What can you do with ChatGPT?

ChatGPT act as a virtual assistant to generate a prompt response in a very different way that we have never seen before.

The ChatGPT talkbot is becoming essential in solving our day-to-day routine problems in a human-like manner.

Beyond the hype and buzz created on the internet, ChatGPT is an impressive powerful tool that can perform cool activities based on the user’s commands.

Listed down are some of the impressive things that this conversational tool can do for you.


  • Solve mathematical problems
  • Write, check and debug code
  • Compose lyrics for music
  • Write essays on complex topics
  • Information on medicines
  • Helpful in digital marketing
  • Prepare customised resume with cover letter
  • Create multi-lingual content
  • Job interview preparation
  • Get ideas for events arrangements
  • Create solutions for homework and assignments
  • Generate different visualisations
  • Corrects grammar and spellings
  • Converts movie titles into emojis

The machine-learning supervised techniques are being used in the OpenAI ChatGPT to write any sort of content material related to any industry so far.

Can ChatGPT replace human-labour?According to the research it cannot be seen as a total replacement of humans but it can be quite helpful in increasing productivity and automating the daily tasks.

At this time ChatGPT AI system is in infancy stage and most of the knowledge and information is linked with 2021.

The Times Newspaper in the United Kingdom states about ChatGPT that

Stunningly lifelike conversational language system and describes it as world’s first truly useful chatbot

This statement seems to be too good to be true in real terms.

How to use ChatGPT?

There is no hard and fast rule to use ChatGPT, instead it is quite simple and easy-to-use this Artificial Intelligence tool

If you want to try just follow these simple steps:

  • Type ChatGPT in search engine
  • Got to the website of OpenAI ChatGPT
  • Click on try ChatGPT
  • Sign-in with an existing email id or sign up with new account
  • Log in and type your prompt and get response

The design and interface of the AI software is pretty nice and easy to navigate for the users to find, type and receive replies in seconds.

The first consequence ChatGPT has faced is that its own website has frozen due to a huge demand of users.

Can ChatGPT be used for SEO as well? Ofcourse, the AI technology ChatGPT can be very effective and powerful tool for Search Engine Optimisation. It has the potential to increase traffic and gain rankings in an efficient way. Making good use of the automated chatbot can bring your website alot of quality benefits including:

  • Keyword research
  • Content generation
  • Keyword clustering
  • Integration into CMS
  • Creating meta data
  • Understands search intent
  • Analytics reports composition

Remember one thing it can automate the work activities and facilitate the man-power at workplace to an optimum level but cannot take the place of human creativity neither can understand the personal experiences.

You have to make sure at your end to proofread the content that AI ChatGPT creates for you to make it relevant and error-free.

chatgpt main page

What are the Pros and Cons of ChatGPT?



To-the-Point Answer:ChatGPT replies in a concise and relevant manner better and quick understanding of the searchers.

Efficient Response:ChatGPT is trained to give a prompt response to queries that are both helpful and useful for users. It has enhanced the productivity and reduces the time and efforts.

Customer Experience:The human-like bot of ChatGPT provides an excellent conversational platform to users to meet the requirements and address their questions easily.

Better Understanding:The machine learning system of ChatGPT receives and understands the search intent and generates the accurate answers to the questions.

24/7 Support:The AI chatbot is always available throughout the day and night to provide customer support any time. This feature of ChatGPT is ideal for all international businesses with different time zones.

Unlimited Solutions:The interactive interface of ChatGPT has the capability to generate the number of responses for the prompts at the same time.

Custom Results:The machine-learning chatbot can be trained to understand the personal preferences to deliver the bespoke responses, leading to the increased satisfaction of users.

Guidance:The interface of ChatGPT has listed down the examples, capabilities and limitations about the usage instructions which can be more convenient for the end users.



Limited Data:One major drawback of ChatGPT is that it does have a limited knowledge and information. It is trained on the tremendous data that is linked with 2021.

Lack of Accuracy:The information that ChatGPT provides cannot be 100% accurate, relevant and related to the information that you want to seek. You cannot just rely on the AI model and need to research on your own.

Same Responses:The AI model ChatGPT lacks in delivering a variety of answers when tweaking in the query to get different response. It does not give new answer but generates the same information.

No access to internet:OpenAI ChatGPT does not have an access to internet, therefore it cannot compare and generate information from different sources. Rather it can only generate the content based on the dataset that it is trained on.

Percentage of Plagiarism:The content created with AI ChatGPT model may contain a percentage of copied text. It is not necessary that all the information will be fully plagiarism-free.

Is ChatGPT a threat for Google?

The short answer is Yes, ChatGPT can be a serious threat for Google.

Alarm bells are ringing at Google. Google is even worried about ChatGPT.

Paul Buchheit, founder of Gmail has stated that;

Google may be only a year or two away from total disruption,

OpenAI GPT-3 will destroy the Google SERP’s just like the way the search engines has killed the yellow pages.

Google issued a Code Red, that means all hands-on deck - busy in developing ChatGPT rival.

According to The Economic Times newspaper, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google said;

Google will make artificial intelligence-based large language models like LaMDA available in the coming weeks and months.

This is also a fact that Google relies heavily on paid advertisements and generates revenues from sponsored ads. Introducing an AI chatbot to beat ChatGPT is itself a challenge for Google and integrating ads with AI can also be harder.

People are getting obsessed with ChatGPT, as it is giving the direct clear answers to them instead of giving a number of URL links.

ChatGPT has taken the internet like storm that it often shows a message;

ChatGPT is at capacity right now, that implies that servers of chatbot are too busy and under a heavy load of traffic.

We can say that ChatGPT is smart enough but at this stage we cannot say that it is as smart as Google.

Both platforms are same in purpose but different in nature.

chatgpt vs google


ChatGPT vs Google

Have a quick glance over the key differences.

ChatGPT Google
-Artificial Intelligence Model -Search Engine Technology
-Single interface for prompts -Billions of webpages indexed in data base
-Clear and comprehensive answer to query -Provides multiple links for results
-Trained the system for tailor-made solutions -Shows results on personal preferences
-Seems like Talking to a knowledgeable-person -Lists down various sources of information
-Delivers information in seconds -You ownself sort out information what you are looking for
-Multilingual human-like chatbot -Fetches relevant information from related pages
-AI-powered virtual assistant -Internet Web browser
-Generates text on topic -Guides step-by-step to write on a topic
-Based on GPT 3.5 model -Crawls and index data from URL’s


ChatGPT Plus: Introduced a paid version after free version. After 2 months of ChatGPT successful launch of free public use since November 31, 2022, its first monthly subscription plan of $20 has released on February 01, 2023. ChatGPT Plus is now available and accessible to users with its add-on features.

Can ChatGPT replace software engineers? OpenAI is preparing to replace software engineers by training ChatGPT.

Integration with Customer Service Chatbot:Open AI GPT-3 language model can be used as a customer service chatbot to communicate in a human-like format. It will be able to answer the questions to provide relevant information by training them on specific customer domains.

Threat to Google:Google is going to release the ChatGPT rival in May. It is expediting the process of releasing AI solutions after the launch of ChatGPT.

Baidu to launch competitor of ChatGPT in March: Baidu is called the Google of China as it is offering the similar services like Google such as search engine, maps, emails and other products. Baidu invests money in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

AI text detector Tool:After ChatGPT, OpenAI has just launched a AI text classifier that has the capability to detect whether or not the content is generated from ChatGPT or from any other various AI tools.

chatgpt plus

Wrapping up!

The interactive interface of OpenAI ChatGPT is serving the astonishing results and satisfying experiences to its users beyond the limit. The conversational chatbot has a significant impact and a positive influence towards the transformation around the world. ChatGPT can be commonly used by marketers and other professionals in their fields to enhance the creativity to the upmost desire. However, it has been improving the capability, quality and productivity of machine-learning systems to make them more accessible.

Did we miss something? Connect with us and be open to share your feedback.

Originally Published February 7, 2023 05:14 PM, Updated February 8, 2023.

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