Logo Defines Your Brand

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Logo Defines Your Brand



A logo is a trademark of a brand or a company that represents every aspect of it. Many designs and techniques can be used to create a logo. Logo design is a combination of old and new trends and if you are looking for a custom logo design company, Cynosure Designs strives to provide the designs you want.

Let's get a few things straight: your logo and your website are not your brands. Your brand is the culmination of the experience, vision, and reputation that people have at your service. Branding is the activity taken to build your brand (strategy). And brand identity is the expression of your brand (logo, typography, color, etc.).

It is worth mentioning that there is no right and wrong way of developing logos and brands. Design and idea generation is an organic process and all of us have our ways of getting to the finish line. 


  • There are some basic features that a logo should have at its core.
  • First of all, the logo must be immediately recognizable.
  • The logo must be clear and easy to interpret to connect with your audience
  • Most importantly logo must be simple so it works across multiple media platforms
  • The logo needs to communicate who you are and what you do in an instant
  • The logo needs simple colors, great typography, and strong visual element
  • Logo design must be versatile.
  • It must be able to personify your brand
  • and ultimately, the logo must be timeless.

If the logo of your choice meets all these requirements, you have everything you need. 


Why does your Business need a Logo?

As said, your logo is important to your business because it expresses ownership, quality, and value. It is published on your products, your business card, website design, social media networks, and especially in the minds of your clients.

Your logo is probably one of the first interactions with people and this is your chance to make a strong first impression, show you that you provide quality service, and visually express your goal. The logo plays a vital role that any business can own, and no single design or piece will mean more to a business's profile or public image.


  • Monogram Logos/Lettermarks
  • Wordmarks/Logotypes
  • Pictorial marks (or logo symbols)
  • Mascots
  • The combination mark
  • The emblem


Monogram Logos/Lettermarks

The logos consist of letters, usually the brand initials that represent simplicity and brand identification. CNN, HP, IBM, and HBO have strong typography-based logos. 



The font-based logo consists of the “business name” itself. Think of VISA, GOOGLE, and COCA-COLA logos that focus on the brand name and create a strong image.


Pictorial Marks/Logo Symbols 

A graphics-based logo or an icon is strong brand recognition. When it comes to the iconic APPLE logo and the TWITTER logo, they represent the true brand mark and are only the image.  

Mascot Logos

The logos involve an illustrated character or sometimes a cartoonish image that creates your brand spokesperson. Famous mascots include KFC’s Colonel, Kool-Aid Man, and Planters Mr. Peanuts which are appealing to families and children. 


Combination Mark

The logo is the combination of a wordmark or letter mark, pictorial mark, abstract mark, or mascot. Composing the picture and the text side-by-side or integrating them to create an image. Some well known combination mark logos include Doritos, Burger King, and Lacoste.


The Emblem

An Emblem logo consists of a font inside a symbol, icon, or badge, that has a striking impact. The most famous logo designs of Starbucks and Harley-Davidson have a classic stylish appearance.


Final Words

Design matters and you need it! Especially if you want people to give you money and tell the world about you. When you invest in your brand, you give your small business the strength to grow. 

Do you have a question about branding or logo design? Talk to us if you need a professional logo for your business from our experts at Cynosure Designs.

Your logo is the visual foundation of your brand identity!


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Originally Published February 10, 2022 01:17 PM, Updated July 4, 2022.

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