The Top 3 UX Design Trends for 2022

Sannia Tiwana

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The Top 3  UX Design Trends for 2022

Knowledge & technology is getting advanced so do the experiments. People discover, invent and experiment new techniques & features in order to bring out the best in their UX designs. These technologies & features can help a user experience a smooth, advanced and attractive interaction with the website. But why did there come a need for such advancements in the first place? Advancements in UX designs can help websites in gaining more user engagement and satisfaction with the help of a smooth website experience.

As a designer, you are required to embrace the most recent design trends in order to give clients with the finest interfaces available. But in order to adjust to the new trends, you should have a good foundation. To assist you, we've compiled a list of the top 3 UX design trends for 2022. So let's get started:



When the control of something you love to use is in your hands, it is more attractive and convenient. Personalization has become a part of our everyday lives, with Netflix selecting programmes based on your preferences and Spotify anticipating what you want to listen to next.

Expect a better version of such personalization in 2022. This better version of hyper-personalization will take the user experience beyond customer satisfaction. A data-driven online experience is expected to be delivered in which the user will get what they want even before they just ask for it. These personalizations could include:

  • Localization for region wise login access/accounts
  • Personalization of dashboards
  • Personalization of notifications
  • Personalization in checkout
  • Personalization in website navigation/tour


AR / VR / XR

With the advancements led by Meta in which the company plans to create immersive digital experiences through Augmented, Virtual, and Extended Reality, (AR, VR, XR). UX design standards are bound to follow the trends. AR and VR alter the ways through which people interact with items, this increases engagement. For example, augmented reality (AR) has been employed in online store applications to allow consumers to virtually try wearing garments in their own homes. This is more likely to keep consumers interested and deliver a more seamless online experience.

Keeping such examples in mind, UX designers must keep up with these technological advancements. They can come up with their own ideas especially when the arena of experimentation is not limited anymore.


Data Visualization

Data visualization is not any new advancement in digital marketing, but there is a chance that it will enter a whole new realm in the year 2022. Data presentation is an important factor when displayed with simplicity. The technique of presenting data in simple, visual representations such as infographics is critical for UX designers but it can do wonders for user experience.

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Companies really would like to learn what they might do to offer data to customers in an engaging way that encourages greater interaction and increases product engagement. We can take, for example, Spotify. The yearly Spotify Wrapped event is an excellent illustration of this.

Showcasing customers' favorite songs and artists, as well as their listening time, is a great approach to recognize user preferences and drive engagement. It also generates buzz on social media and serves as an excellent marketing technique.


Final Thoughts

Following these trends can do wonders in such a way that it can make a user’s life easier by smooth digital experience which can directly affect the user’s trust in the company. Don’t lay back and get hit by these UX/UI advancements to be one of the top user preferred websites.


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Originally Published May 19, 2022 01:50 PM, Updated September 8, 2022.

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