Six Types of Branding Services

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Six Types of Branding Services

You might have heard about branding services and how helpful they could be if not then, let us tell you that a company with the help of branding services can sail through literally any struggle that it might be going through. It could be from creating a brand identity from zero to getting recognized by a vast level of audience across the globe. In this article we will discuss:


What is branding & its importance?

The word branding itself is pretty clear in defining it. It means naming something or promoting it. It won’t be wrong to announce that yes we exist. Just the way a baby is born and he is named and announcements are made that we have got a little angel at our home, likewise, your business needs the same attention from a unique beautiful name to its existence and presence to get the attention of people to whom it might be of interest.


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The personality of your brand doesn't solely depend on logos, name, and colors but it depends on everything that makes it a brand. Promotion or branding of a business has always been in place for centuries but now it has become a necessity for a business to make its foundations stand in the market of uncountable competitors.


What are branding services?

So, now we have talked about the importance of branding services already but what exactly are the branding services? This includes everything from the name of the business, its logo, how it is communicated and promoted to the public, etc. So, all of these things are done with the help of branding services. Some companies offer branding services in the UK for promoting your business in a better way. These services might include:

  • Designing of a Logo
  • Your Brand Slogan
  • Positioning of the brand
  • Your brand voice
  • Styling of the brand
  • Social media branding


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Why are branding services important?

Branding is important because no one would ever know that you exist if you would not tell them. We all use social media and see so many brands coming across our social feed. Even if we buy something from a brand, we might forget it later on because of so many of the other suggestions and options. So, imagine if you are not there on social media or you don’t have your online presence and you are not promoting your business, how would a customer even look at your business in a world where they have other options in abundance? So, yes it has become amazing for a layman to buy from multiple options but you as a business need only one thing to be focused on the most and that is branding.


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What are the types of branding services?

Depending on the nature of your business, the branding services could be as per your need. For example, if you are a company that offers services rather than products, the branding services would be provided accordingly. On the other hand, if you are a company that produces products, your branding server will help your products reach your potential customers via product branding. There are different types of branding services as per the need of a brand niche which include:

1- Product branding.

In every branding strategy product branding is at the top particularly when you are a product seller. When the branding strategy principles are applied to a particular product for its promotion, that is called product branding. These principles might include giving a symbol to the product, naming it, and creating a unique design of it to have a unique identity. For example if you are a company named ABC, and you produce a product called a spatula, now you have recently planned to produce another product called a hammer.

Your customers might know you as a brand ABC that sells spatulas but in order to have a new unique identity of your new product hammer, you must come up with a whole new product branding making the product stand like your previous product. To make you understand in easier terms, a producer of a movie could be one person whereas, he or she can produce a 100 movies under his production team. Every movie has a unique name, story and promotional campaigns. No one recognizes the new movie with the name of the previous one. Each one has its own identity. Likewise, product branding is also somewhat like that.

2- Service branding.

It is no different than the product branding as the services of a provider becomes its products and then everything goes the same way as of the product branding. The idea is the same as the previous one to have a unique identity, name and recognition of the service that you are offering. Although the two are the same , service branding is a bit complex as compared to product branding. In service branding, you might need front line staff, providers of the service, employees maintaining the service and all other stakeholders associated with it.

For example, if you have created an application that helps the customers find their nearest locations with respect to food, this is a service come product. You might need both product and service branding as your application might need all the special treatment that a product might need. On the other hand, you might need to keep updating your application, keep informing the customers and teaching them on how to use it and keep in contact with them via customer service.

3- Retail branding.

Retail branding is another form of branding which includes a shop name on the whole. For example, you might know many superstores that sell all types of products. Now these products become a part of the brand itself and retail branding includes the promotion of that specific store. This might include building customer loyalty and building long term customer relationships with the store brand.

Loyalty refers to a continuous process in which the customers repeatedly buy products of that brand. Once your customers start identifying your store products, the gap between you and the customers has already been filled. That’s the main purpose of retail branding to make your customers recognize you out of the crowd.

4- Online branding.

It is the era of the internet,everything has been shifted to online platforms. You can build your identity or your brand’s identity on internet with the help of different platforms such as by making a website, registering yourself on Google, making your social media accounts onInstagram, Facebook, YouTube etc. with the help of online branding, you can introduce yourself online with a vast group of audience.

Optimizing your online presence is the most effective strategy to boost lead generation, conversion, and brand sales if you manage a business, an e-commerce site, or own a brand. Improving brand exposure, recognition, and reputation also requires building a brand online.

5- Corporate branding.

The word corporate itself tells you that this branding includes the promotion on corporate levels. Every aspect of a professional corporation is covered under corporate branding. If you have a company, you might need to present yourself to the world. Corporate branding is exactly the way you do that. You as a start up corporation might need to first focus on various things such as your business niche, your direction, your target market etc. the second thing is to identify who are you company’s stakeholders as they all play an important role in defining who you are to the world.

Every successful business has a logo, a tagline, or other visual representation of its goods or services. These could take the shape of vows, customs, or identities. Think of a brand that is famous and almost everyone knows about it. Let’s take for example, Google, how do we know that it exists and what does it do? We know it as a company, not as what it does in particular. Likewise, corporate branding is about a branding strategy on the whole.

6- Offline branding.

Offline branding might sound like an old idea but it is still very important to brands and companies in order to sell what they offer or produce. Offline marketing includes everything that is not digital for example, billboards, field marketing campaigns, banners, pamphlets etc. Such as when you go to shop for something and in the end you get a pamphlet by a salesperson, that is exactly offline branding. They are letting you know that we exist physically.


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Stages of branding?

Everything starts with research and ends with a conclusion and outcome. When you want to start a company, you look at all of the aspects including your budget, the product or service you wish to launch, and its demand in the market. You take a start only after that. Likewise, in branding services, some stages need to be followed to have the right branding process for your business. These stages include:

  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Designing
  • Implementation


Branding services for small businesses?

Most people think that it is important for large-scale businesses to have branding services and pre-planning, but this is the wrong narrative. For small businesses, branding services are extremely important and they can easily acquire these services as the business is small and it will take half the time and assets as compared to large-scale business. Branding services for small businesses can be extremely useful as small businesses need more attention and strong foundations with low investments. So, making a small investment and letting it drown is an unskilled thing in itself. There should be zero chances for small businesses to fail but it is only possible with the help of a clear marketing strategy , strong vision, and best branding services.


Final Thoughts

Branding services are important for all types of businesses because, in a world of digital marketing and a lot of branding and promoting options, a business cannot survive and live its potential life without opting for these ways. Another thing companies don’t understand is where to go and which company to hire for branding services. So, if you are looking for a branding services company inside or outside of the UK, Cynosure Designs offers everything under one roof for your business to grow digitally.


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