Website Redesign 2022: Boost Traffic And Sales With These Redesigning Tips

Sannia Tiwana

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Website Redesign 2022: Boost Traffic And Sales With These Redesigning Tips

Web designers have taken a shift in the work and have started creating sites as art. Art? Yes, you read it right. Web designing is a technical art and designers are expanding their ways to show off their creativity. This is what is selling in the market as well because it is something that maybe you too would want to see. It started back when the designers played with techniques to create websites for themselves and when it comes to your own thing, your area of experiment is infinite.

Remember when the web was emerging and we would just enjoy the basic and simple things? Among all, my favorite was Google Dinosaur Game! It won’t be wrong to say that we have landed in the earlier web period just like renaissance. As everything is shifting to 90s ideas and creativity then why not web designs. Well, obviously this fusion of high technology and that old creativity is nonetheless the best one yet.

Taking the past creativity and future techniques, web design is evolving. This movement into the future is exciting and techniques like advanced interactions and animations and visual effects like glassmorphism and grain. No code tools are used by designers to make it even smoother and easier.


Delightful Mini-sites

The world is in a scarcity of happiness and people rarely get attracted towards anything nowadays. As they say, excess of everything is bad, this is what has happened to us. Having an excess of technology, designs, tools and everything in our access has made us immune to everything. We don’t get excited over things anymore. So, putting some humor into your web design can definitely get you some happy customers. Imagine a website that provokes laughter?


mini sites


But what is a minisite ? Well, as the name suggests, it is the smaller version of your website. You may say, it can be used for targeting a particular purpose without expanding it to all in one site. You can create special attractive graphics, animations and attract customers to a particular product or service without letting them stray into a bundle of things right in front of them.

Now let’s get back to humor. You can add humor to the site navigation, images, animation, videos and even content. A happy mind can become a happy customer and what else would you want? Imagine people coming to your website to enjoy the navigation humor? As they say fake it until you make it, we would say make it look like a serious site until they explore it is not!


One-page websites.

In a busy life having no time, who would spend time on a complex website? Especially when they have a bundle of options to jump to. Many times, it turns out that the least complex site is the most effective one. These one page websites are based on one HTML page. Single-page websites are ideal for those who want to attract a certain niche and give them a specific sort of user experience. Particularly when you don't have to be worried about people clicking on multiple pages, potentially in the wrong order, it's easy to regulate their behavior on your site and lead them in a certain way.


one page websites


These websites give the impression of carrying a leaflet or reading a poster. Every single information that you might need to search can be found on one page and one place without looking for multiple pages.


Web-based scavenger hunts/web activity

Human beings run behind curiosity and when there is none and you disclose everything, it’s all boring again. So, keep a few things hidden and make them enjoy reaching the truth. Well, it is not a suspense movie, but yes the architecture of websites really lend themselves quite well to riddles and scavenger hunts. You can make different puzzles on the website, or put on some games or questions for the user to unlock the next step or information. Oh, we talked about a suspense movie so, yes make it a suspense website and make them stick to it till the end.


mini sites


There are several inventive methods for concealing and revealing prompts, hints, and solutions. This is an example of how you can utilize your web design skills to create an enthralling puzzle.

  • Display a word and let them solve it by riddle/clue
  • Make them hunt, hide a word and let them find in your website
  • Put a game on your website
  • Let them be creative, make them draw shapes.

Final Thoughts

This is not it, there are a hundred ideas, technologies and ways to make your web design look attractive and the idea behind keeping the users stick to your website is to convert them into leads. You can only make it happen when your web design is appealing. To learn more, you can explore us.


Originally Published July 29, 2022 03:22 PM, Updated July 29, 2022.

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