Manakish Oven & Grill
Manakish Oven & Grill by Cynosure Designs

Manakish is the elite choice in the restaurants of Walnut Creek, California. Their dominant cuisine highlights Hand-made Bread, Fresh Marinades, and Hand-stretched Cheeses by focusing on excellent tastes and a memorable culinary experience. For them, the most significant aspect of the Manakish experience is the use of fresh ingredients, marinated meats, vegetarian blends with the fresh vegetables. Moreover, they are also providing the exclusive Catering services with the most experienced and qualified chefs that can turn any event into the most memorable moment with the awesome taste of food that everyone can remember for a long time.

Manakish specializes in Mediterranean dishes that include Hummus, Falafel, Zaatar, Fattouh, Fatteh, Kefta and many more that you must like. Serving the ideal meals in addition to sweet delights for friends and family around for well-stocked delicious platters while pleasing themselves with long conversations at the spot. 

They are right here to convey the flavors of Mediterranean food!


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Pay Per Click (PPC) Service

As we all know, restaurant searches on the internet are popular. To discover the next meal, hungry consumers first look at menus, locations, hours, promotions, reviews, photo galleries, and, most crucially, phone numbers. People search it on their mobile devices and click on Google's sponsored ads because they make plans on the go. 

Manakish resourced Cynosure Designs to get the most out of conversions and increase the brand awareness around the globe. Our agency tried, tested, and executed successful PPC strategies to raise brand recognition on all paid advertising platforms, including Google Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Feed Ads, Social Media Ads and everything in between. Google AdWords and Google Analytics measure clicks and conversions in real time, allowing us to examine how it is working.

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SEO Service

We are expert in improving our clients' search engine results. Our services can assist you in helping your customers to locate your website while looking for the items and services you provide. Our SEO team uses a variety of tools to find the level of search volume that determines how many times a given keyword is searched on Google as Keyword Research is the most crucial tactic in SEO strategy. 

Cynosure Designs helped Manakish to accurately assess the impact of best SEO services and on their restaurant. We gave our client frequent statistics among other things, showing how effective our efforts have been in attracting targeted traffic from search engines and referrals from other websites. We accomplished the purpose and the goal of the website including subscriptions, registrations, order placements, newsletter signups, community involvement and more.

Key Results:

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Cynosure Designs gave Manakish the online visibility and spread the word about their products and services to the potential customers and on the right platforms!

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