AI in Analytics helps in deep customer insights

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AI in Analytics helps in deep customer insights

You might have heard “think of a yellow car and you will come across a yellow car in abundance”. That’s what a the law of attraction is but when you think of a yellow car and it appears in your social media feed, or on any website you are scrolling. What is that? Nature calls it the law of attraction, we call it artificial intelligence. So, do you have your yellow car and want it to be seen by the people thinking of it? Let us pull out the magic sticks and catch the minds. So, are you ready for the magical ride? Let’s go then!


Are you listening to your customers?

Some people believe that social media apps or even switching on the internet will have them get listened to secretly. But that is not the case, as the big names running these platforms themselves raised questions like us that is technology listening to us. Mark Zuckerberg called it a conspiracy in an interview when he was asked the same question.


listen to customers


We are back to real life again but wait, the magic is still here. The magic of artificial intelligence will help you catch the deep insights of people who might be looking for something that you are selling. How interesting it is, isn't it? But how do we do it? So if nobody is listening to us, what’s the real story behind it?


The Magic of AI Behind Reading Minds

Yes! It is the sorcery of Artificial Intelligence. It is not less than a modern logical wizard. Do you remember the magic shows in schools where the wizard would make us fool by his sharp mind and a few tricks of actions and observations and we would believe it as a paranormal activity? Likewise, artificial intelligence is all about recording your actions online and offline. We immediately or on the same day, see those things in our feed that we thought about or talked about because technology tracks us. It tracks what we click, what we search in abundance, which posts we stop at the most, which website we open the most, which colors we look at the most, and which ads we consider the most. All of this behavior is tracked and it is more like a technically psychological tracking that predicts what we might think of next.


AI behind reading minds


Imagine you have been living with a roommate in a hostel for the past five years. You would know your roommate’s routine more than anyone. If someone comes at 4 pm and inquires about your roommate, whether you have seen him going somewhere or not, you will make a guess and say, he might be at the gym right now. This is because you have been observing his actions naturally. So, now imagine the numbers game is so strong. There is no chance for it to take a wrong stride. Artificial intelligence keeps on recording your routine interaction with the websites, social media platforms, videos, etc, and suggests you accordingly. Also, if you talked about something with your friend that you didn’t search for, it is you who forgot but AI kept it recorded when you randomly stopped at a post relevant to what you talked about with your friend. No matter if you clicked the like button or not your insight was delivered as a potential consumer to any brand or company through consumer analytics.


What’s the purpose of consumer insights?

Now as you have enough knowledge about the consumer insights and how they are tracked, the question here is what are they useful for? What will technology do with it if I see an ad that I thought about? Well, this is what the technology will do if it gets successful in showing you what you were thinking about.

  • Makes you reach out to the right websites and platforms that you might need for buying something.
  • Helps you get seen by the people who might be interested in buying something from your business.
  • It might help you get deep insights as a business about the visitors and customers on your website.
  • You as a business can utilize the information gathered through deep customer insights in determining the pace of your business.
  • You can make products as per the need of the customers without asking your customers through the engagement of the visitors on your website or social portal such that which products were liked the most and which products were ignored
  • These analytics can help you produce only those things which have high demand and help you save a lot of money.
  • You can assess which services and products are liked the most region-wise and can customize every product and service as per the demand region wise
  • You might also maintain your website by looking into the analytics such that which web page has scrolled up the most and can make the rest of the pages as smooth as that page.


consumer insights


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How can you as a company track your customer behavior?

When a formula is made, we don’t need the formula maker to keep making thousands of samples every time but we simply buy the formula and make the product ourselves. That is how you do it. Tracking your customer behavior through AI analytics is possible with the help of an expert who bought the formula of AI analytics through learning it.


Final Thoughts

The right digital marketing company can help you in assessing your website and telling you what is missing and how you can fix it. Using artificial intelligence, a digital marketing company can help you look deep down into your website’s visitors’ behavior and can turn them into your potential customers. They can do it using social media marketing, pay-per-click, content marketing, website redesign, and search engine optimization with a whole website audit. So, what makes you wait to think about making a maximum profit out of your business? Maybe a link to contact the right place!

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